Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

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If you or your business is overwhelmed with debt, facing foreclosure or in financial distress, it is always worthwhile to review what chapter 11 may be able to do for the situation. Our firm has filed chapter 11 cases throughout California and has substantial experience at all stages of the process, through confirmation of the chapter 11 Plan. If you choose to work together towards a successful outcome,  you can be confident that we will pursue the most successful strategies and work with you through the chapter 11 process and ensure you are set up to succeed in the vision you are pursuing.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy can be filed for an individual, business, LLC, or corporation, and is designed to provide a comprehensive reorganization of debts. Moher Law Group focuses a large part of its practice on Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy cases for individuals and businesses. Most attorneys, even bankruptcy attorneys, do not have experience with chapter 11 cases or know how to advise on chapter 11 issues. Mr. Moher has represented chapter 11 clients in the Southern, Central, and Northern Districts of California, including commercial real estate companies, commercial leasing entities, biotech and startup companies, and individuals seeking to save their residential or investment real estate holdings. We provide free consultations, reasonable fees, and personalized service throughout the process. Contact us today find out if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is right for your situation.


Chapter 11 for businesses:

A Business experiencing the following issues may benefit from filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy: 

  • Heavy debt due to changing market conditions, cash flow issues, bad investments, or legal issues
  • Real estate or other assets that are “underwater”
  • High-cost leases that strain disposable income
  • Other expensive financial obligations that prohibit continued profitable operation

Chapter 11 for real-estate oriented businesses:

Certain businesses such as LLCs or other entities are formed to own and operate commercial real estate. Declining commercial real estate prices have caused many such entities to have a negative net-worth, or face negative cash flows. With Chapter 11, you may be able to reduce the principal balance on the  real estate and help steer your business towards profitability by filing for Chapter 11. An attorney from The Moher Law Group will be ready to provide sound legal assistance and help you find the best solution for your situation.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy for individual persons:

Most individuals who file for Chapter 11 have income or debts that exceed the allowable limits under Chapter 13 rules, currently approximately $1.2 million in secured debt or $400,000 in unsecured debt. Individuals who own investment properties that are worth less than their loan balance maybe be able to take advantage of Chapter 11 to reduce the balance and interest rates on their real estate. Additionally, an individual in Chapter 11 may be able to “strip” junior mortgages or other liens  on investment or residential real estate.