Experienced Orange County Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most complex but also most powerful of the common chapters of bankruptcy law. Chapter 11 cases are routinely filed for both businesses and individuals. For businesses, chapter 11 bankruptcy can provide the breathing room and ability to negotiate that may be difficult to find when creditors are threatening defaults or levies, taxes are past due, leases may be past due, or other employment or cash flow issues may exist. Chapter 11 can be an extremely powerful tool for a business to reorganize their debts, minimize their losses, and restructure into increased profitability.

Chapter 11 can also be used for individuals, particularly individuals with high value real estate, or rental properties. In many situations, Chapter 11 can strip junior liens on property (or assets), reduce some liens to the market value of the property, and discharge other debts that the filer may have. There are a huge number of variables that affect any given chapter 11 scenario, and we have helped a great variety of individuals and businesses reorganize their situations successfully through chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. Contact us today at 714-933-4401 or the form on the right for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation and the potential benefits of chapter 11 bankruptcy.